In Filth

by Sinner

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released January 13, 2017



all rights reserved


Sinner Saint Catharines, Ontario

Blackened hardcore from Niagara, Ontario Canada.

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Track Name: Drifter
I'm weak and brittle
I'm out of luck
But fuck I need it I can't get enough
Got a habit
Got to have it
I'll do whatever it takes to feel that venom in my veins

A prizefighter in the golden age
Threw it all away from here in a fiery rage
I'm sorry for the things that I've done
Not sorry for the person I've become
Track Name: Deth Orgy
I've been here for what feels like forever
And I don't know if home
For how I got here I cannot remember
And at this rate I'm afraid to know
Test after Test and I somehow manage to stand here
I cannot give up I will not give in
For it's all I have in me

Their voices in my head
Over and over again
And I'm still stuck wondering why?
I pray to God that I'm ready to die
As I suffer, I manage to survive
No amount of blood could keep them satisfied
Every breath I think is my last
Humiliated as they sit there and laugh
Pathetic, helpless and weak
Fighting for those who can't speak

Kept in a cage, I bathe in my filth
Force fed a handful of pills
While I cannot see clear I'm willing to bet
That there's hundreds of others in here
I don't feel alive but I know I'm not dead
For this purgatory lives inside my head
And there's no end to this story
It just ends boring and continues to happen each day

Disconnected from my family stranded in this abyss
While it's easy to chew and it's easy to swallow
When ignorance is bliss
Track Name: Wrought
A myth, a lie
Buried deep inside the only place alive
Breathing in the toxics of my mind
But why?
Living out the lie of someone else's life
But I am feeling fine
Forgive me, forget me
Forget me, forgive me

They say it's all in my head
The places the people it's all in my head
And I don't know why and I don't know how but it's all in my head
Believe me it's not in my head

Sorry I couldn't be the one you were proud of
(Mother, father, why?)
Loathsome anticipating a better ending
(Bring me back to life)
Grown tired of searching for the perfect answer
(Tell me I don't know why)
Lonesome accepting that I'm dead on the inside
(Bring me back to life)

Why am I searching for closure?
And why do I feel like a failure?
I look alive but deep inside my mind
I know that I'm deprived of seeing what's been happening all this time
I cannot grasp reality at all this time
But I am feeling fine
Forgive me, Forget me
Fuck you, Forget you

You robbed me blind of my innocence
You made me feel so victimless
You're dead and gone and I don't feel regret
I fucking hate you but I still mourn your death
Track Name: Father Murder
Drink from my sores and bathe in the bleach I'm cleansing your soul
Feed from the troth chew on my teeth and pray in my filth
Breathing in smoke with nothing but hope
I brought you here to better this world a boy and a girl

I'm bleeding it out I'm making you proud you're cleansing my soul
Fed from the troth and chew on your teeth and pray in your filth
Breathing in smoke with nothing but hope
You brought me here to better this world but unlike the girl

Refusing to cope I gag and I choke you're not cleansing my soul
Puke from the troth and spit out your teeth I won't pray in your filth
Breathing in smoke with only no hope
You brought me here to disgrace this world but I'm just a girl

I will show you the word of God
I will show you what it means to live
You can live in a world of darkness
Just ask your mother what it means to live

Death is our realm

Your mother sacrificed herself
Be at peace
And all the blood stains won't come out
Rest in peace
And one day you will find yourself
If you please
And all the worry and the doubt
Will bleed at ease

Drink from my sores bathe in the bleach
Feed from the troth and chew on my teeth
Pray in my filth swallowing dirt
Breathing in smoke with nothing but hope

Follow me and I will keep you safe from the outside looking in
Bleed for me and I will keep you dry from the devil dripping sin

Death is our realm
Track Name: Tyrant of Hatred
Death is our realm

Dead silent
The breath in his voice went silent
Dead silent
Left with only the question of violence
Our father
Our father's taken his life away
Our father
Left with only the question to pray

Follow his righteous path
Just like he told us to
Or we could live like normal beings
I don't know what I should do?
(Give it up)

Give it all up

My life has been a lie
My life has been sacrificed

Alone my sister and I
Searching for the meaning of time
Looking in all of the wrong places
I should just stick to what I know
Alone a boy and a girl
Broken in to this holy world
Without the life of a religious type
I will not sleep at all tonight

I cannot live in this world of darkness
Pray in my filth